Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Baby Starts School!

           Yes, Rutland has been going to MDO for the past 2 years, so technically this is not his first year at school. BUT, it is his first year in the Day School part of our school which is 2's-Kindergarten. We have had such an amazing experience with the MDO and all the nursery ladies, I'm so sad he's not down there this year. I really didn't think he would notice at all, or if anything, might be a little sad to be leaving his "crew" downstairs. Ms. Kina, Ms. Wanda, Ms. Dee, Ms. Tenicia (and everyone really) took such good care of him  - I'm having detachment issues from not seeing all those sweet ladies each morning. But, as soon as I brought his new "blue" school bag home from parent orientation night, he has been so excited about his new class. He has always had a red bag in MDO and obviously has noticed that Caroline has had a blue bag (different shape too). When he saw his new blue bag that matched Caroline's blue bag, he totally got it! He knew he was going to be doing the same thing Sissy was, and that made him very happy ;) We really didn't even spend a ton of time talking about the start of the new school year and how it would be different for him. I just mentioned his new teachers by name and gave him a quick spill about obeying, going potty, and manners, and that was it. But he obviously knew something was up. When we got ready for school that morning, he was super quick to put his clothes on, eat, and was ready to carry his new blue bag to the car for me. As you can tell from the photos, he was all smiles. When we got to school, he went straight to the MDO doors when we walked in like he had done a million times before. But when I pointed to the door to the stairs and told him we were going upstairs to mommy's room, he grinned from ear to ear, and said, "O-tay!!!". He loved getting to play in my room before school started - he's never gotten to do this before b/c I always dropped him off on the 1st floor before coming upstairs. Then, when it was time to take Caroline and him to their rooms, he dashed out the door and started running in any room he could find hoping that was his new room. I corralled him to the right room and he hit the brakes when he walked in and saw no friends he knew, 2 new friends were not happy their mommy's were leaving, and his room looked very different from the rooms he has known the past 2 years. He started backpedaling a little and I could tell he was scared. We walked on in the room and put his bag up, and then he saw his long lost buddy Turner (who has been in his class in MDO) through the adjoining bathroom, and I could see the relief come across his face. He ran and hugged Turner and I decided it was time for me to sneak out while all was good.
            Of course this whole thing was old hat to Caroline. She was thrilled to be going to the 4's (upstairs from Mommy's room-very big deal to her) and she has tons of buddies in her class this year, so she was very easy to drop off (a little too easy if you ask me). She walked right in, started talking to her teacher, and I'm pretty sure didn't stop until Mrs. Rachel brought her to me that afternoon. I didn't see her one time all day! Last year I probably saw her 5 times a day, which I loved. She's a big girl now - and only one year away from Kindergarten!! Sniff, Sniff!!
           At the end of the day, Rutland's teachers brought him to my room and he had the most genuine, sweet grin on his face. He ran to me and yelled, "Mommy!". I have never been happier to see that kid! I asked him if he had a great day at school, and he said, "Yes, I wub my school!" Caroline said she had a great day and proceeded to tell me every detail as I was herding everyone out the door so we could dash across town to ballet! I guess the race is on now...
 Rutland with his new "BLUE" school bag!

 Quick hug before school.

 So happy! Mommy is equally as happy to be going back :)

 Playing in Mommy's room before school with Harris & Miller

 Caroline and Tate!
 They aren't in the same room this year (they were together last year) but hoping they will still get to see each other some.

 This is the one shot I got of buddy in his room. There was so much going on, I couldn't get a picture with his teachers - maybe Friday. I know how hectic it is with parents on that first day, so I did not want to add to their stress. 

           After school playing in my room with Mary Carter and Harris!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I know, I know....

I know it has been a while since I've posted any updates to our blog. I wish I could say I had a good excuse - but about the only one I can come up with is... I've been on summer vacation! We have had a great summer and really enjoyed "our time together" - can't you feel the authenticity in my voice! We truly have enjoyed our summer and just being lazy. We finally took a beach trip with just our little 4-some, the kids have both learned to swim without their swimmies, Rutland is potty-trained (most days) and in a big boy bed (sniff sniff), and Caroline will be 4 on Sunday! I feel like everyone at our house is growing up too fast now and I'm already having panic attacks about Sissy starting Kindergarten (in 2 years, but not that far off!). Anyway, I plan on doing a better job of keeping my blog updated, but don't quote me on it :) Here's a quick catch up of some of our summer - I was also really bad about taking my camera on our trips!

Big boy pants! So proud!! 
Potty Training a boy is definitely different than a girl. Not saying easier or harder - just different!

Showing me his muscles! Not sure why that involves balling up??

Caroline's ballet recital - she actually danced this year, instead of the "deer in headlights" we got last year. So proud of her!

And she got those yellow flowers she picked out at Publix a good month before the recital.

Daddy survived another recital too...

Beach trip with our cousins, Ella & Gray
 (baby Allyn was too little to ride in the boat this year, but will be ready to go next year!)

This is how Rutland spent the majority of his time on the beach - screaming, running, and screaming some more! He loved to run from the waves.

Again, showing me his muscles!

Thames family beach trip pic

Sweet Siblings :)

What a little charmer!

Rutland's other favorite thing to do on the beach was "watch the girls". He was literally spellbound by any teenage girls he saw on the beach or at the pool. He wouldn't talk to them, but he would just stare. This could be a positive or a negative, depending on how you look at it. Ask me in 10 years...

Love us some Woody & Buzz!

The next Clint Eastwood!

This is actually how we spent most of our summer - snuggled up on the couch in the mornings :) 
And that is just fine by me!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter Family Photo

Why is it that the only time we take the time to make family photos is at Easter??

Oh right, because it makes everyone so ornery, it's not worth it! Not to mention, there are so many super fun things to do and so many people we love to play with, it seems unreasonable to take 15 minutes of that fun time out to make a silly picture. Action shots are more realistic anyway!! Bribery worked pretty well with Caroline, but Rutland made sure we all knew he couldn't be bought! He was not going to pose and that was final. Where on earth could he get that stubbornness from? (hint: it's not his mamma). We had a great Easter in Montgomery with the annual Hooks egg hunt, which I have had to retire from. I gave it 30 good years, scratching and clawing my way to either collecting the most eggs or finding the prized money egg. Caroline seems to be my best hope of a successor - Rutland did not show enough drive and concentration this year. Caroline surprisingly continued to look, despite the heat. It was a wonderful weekend with great food and even better company. Thanks for hosting all of us Mom!!

Caroline playing at my parents house Friday night before going to my cousin's baseball game.

C and R dying eggs Saturday morning. We have always dyed eggs with my grandmother, MeMee, but since she is not with us this year, my mom made sure the tradition kept going!!! The kids loved it.
Caroline was pretty particular about dying her eggs. 

Rutland broke the most eggs - shocker!

My baby!!

Thank you Gigi for our beautiful Easter duds!!

This is the most accurate picture of how our morning went!

Papa showing Caroline how her "pout" looks

Poor Memee wanted a sweet picture so bad, but the kiddos were NOT having it. Still too early I guess!

Love this sneaky little grin :)

Like Christopher says, "We could still be in college, right?" Um, don't think so C ;)

Ahh, but why would you want to go back when you have all this??


Lost in early morning thought!

Gigi, Caroline, and Sally

Finally getting to hunt some eggs!

Snagging one from his cousin, Milli, who is only 3 weeks older than he is!!

Stealing Milli's basket! He let her do all the work and then swooped in  for a last minute swap!

Oops, dropped another egg!